What is Mediumship?

A Mediumship reading is communicating with friends and loved ones who have crossed over into the Spirit World.

All Mediums never know what will happen during a reading. They are the conduit passing along messages for you, or someone you know. Your loved ones may come through with specific details and important messages of love and healing. Sherry may hear names, words, see a description of the person in spirit. It’s all about validating your loved ones presence.

It is always a true blessing when our loved ones that have passed over, desire to connect during a reading. Sherry will always do her very best to make a connection between you and your loved ones. NO Medium can promise that a connection will be made, who will come through, what your loved ones will say, and how long they will be here for.

We do not always understand why some people come through and others do not. Sometimes the person in Spirit you want to connect with, just isn’t ready. Or maybe they feel you aren’t.

As Sherry shares information with you, it is very important that you acknowledge who’s communicating from Spirit. Once you have acknowledged who is speaking, or who Spirit is speaking about, your loved ones in Spirit can then relay a message to you, or for you to pass onto someone else.

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