• "Just recently, my sister, mother & I had a group reading with Sherry Gallant. I first discovered Sherry when I attended her event which was held in Oshawa this past March. I was completely astonished at how accurate she was at reading various members of the audience. I have seen several mediums, psychics throughout the years and none remotely compared to Sherry's ability to connect to the other side. I was not chosen or read at her show, not that that was a disappointment, it was moving to watch others loved ones come through with their messages. I left intrigued and decided to book a personal reading. During my reading I was blown away with her accurate facts, dates, names and places. She connected with multiple loved ones, even pets, and relayed messages with specific details that only we would know. She delivers the messages with such compassion and sensitivity, all the while making you feel comfortable and at ease. If you are expecting find a medium with a crystal ball and tarot cards you'll be pleasantly surprised.... Sherry's a spunky, uplifting, witty, beautiful blonde, with leather pants and stilettos. I want to reassure anyone who is reading this or is considering a reading that she is indeed the "Real Deal". It is humanly impossible for her to have obtained the personal facts that she produced that evening. What I would like to achieve from this testimonial is that others be given an opportunity to leave with a sense of peace and comfort knowing that there is something beautiful, and much larger beyond this physical life. Thank-you Sherry for all you do, you truly have been given a gift from God "

  • "I was one of the people that received a reading at the Oshawa show! I have been given a new lease on life based on the message sherry relayed... its like finding out that my loved one never really left me... I just lost the ability to communicate in the same fashion. Now I know it is a possibility to communicate... only thru sherry... love you sherry. Thanks again!!! Xoxo"

  • "This is the 2nd time I've had the pleasure of seeing u hun. My husband was with me last night ( the East Coaster who's grandmother & dad came through.) He was so moved by the experience. We both look forward to seeing you again hun. Thank you for bringing peace to my husband and so many others."

  • "We had a wonderful time Sherry! Your gift is amazing, and although we did not receive a reading, watching, and hearing the validations you provided the others in the room brought tears! You were spot on! My first show, but not my last! I too thought Zoetic a charming venue! Anyway, thank you!"

  • "My daughter and I attended Saturday evening and we enjoyed very much. My daughter and I found it refreshing that humor is what you bring to the table and death is not feared."

  • "Amazing evening ! I was at show in TO with my mom and daughter. My husband didn't come through but I felt him strongly."

  • "You were absolutely awesome! First time seeing you and would love to see you again and yes please come back to Oshawa ."

  • "Thank you Sherry my mother and I truly needed to hear from my father, I can’t thank you enough"

  • "Thanks Sherry. You are truly amazing. No reading again, but loved hearing others "

  • "Thank you for an amazing evening! Although my spirt I was hoping for didn't come through it was still very touching to hear of others. Such a wonderful experience. You truly are astounding!"

  • "Excellent show it was my first time and it brought tears to my eyes a couple of times for the people who reached out thank you."

  • "It was an excellent show......loved it! You were amazing"

  • "Thank you for giving my Mom and Sister the closure and validation from our Father/husband!! Thank you!!"